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How LanGate Work?

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About Us

We are moved by an underlying principle that been able to lend money instantly during unpredicted situations creates freedom, LenGate is committed to help, innovate , and find ways to help our community. People are moved by the desire of doing and achieving things, but sometimes we cannot do them because it becomes a financial concern. We are transforming how people confront unexpected situations. We get life and life can grow to be a bit stressful , so why wait, borrow money with LenGate. It’s fast, easy , and secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Legate is a mobile lending platform that provides friends and secure loans up to $100. Start by creating and account. With just a few taps you will receive money instantly to your bank account.
Lengate was built to be a fast, secure, and easy to use platform. It’s convenient to use for emergencies such as filling up your car with gas, borrow you money for overdraft fees, your next oil change, or you need pay someone to change your broken tire, or maybe you need some cash to pay your barber. How about your next date and night out with friends Limitless activities and problems , just one solution. Start lending with LenGate today !
You should use Lengate if you have an immediate expense and you don’t have the money to covered it knowing you can pay back the loan and fees on time with you next paycheck.
The maximum amount you can borrow with Lengate is $100 paying back 10% interest plus service fees. Fees may go down if you pay back on time and/or regularly. No worries, tons of promotions and benefits are coming your way.
Legate does not check your credit therefore you won’t get affected in any possible way. Borrow money for the unexpected , that’s our motto.
Remember that you are lending money, to you will need to pay the amount back with a small fee on time. Hey! If you pay before , great things can happen.
Millions of Americans pay excessive fees every year to pay-day loan leaders. Application processes makes the service inefficient and slow. Be prepared to wait until you are approved.

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